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Oliver Douglas – Industrial Washing Machines

Oliver Douglas have been supplying the food processing and manufacturing industry with industrial washing equipment for over forty years.

Oliver Douglas machines are distinguished for their ability to clean a wide range of processing equipment quickly and effectively, replacing the time consuming problems of hand washing whilst maintaining and exceeding the exacting hygiene standards of modern industry.

All Oliver Douglas industrial washing machines are built in our facility, offering standard and custom made machines to suit the individual needs of both domestic and international customers.

A satisfactory installation is our prime objective. All Oliver Douglas industrial washing machines are available with an integrated maintenance support package, designed to offer continual advice, service and upgrade features throughout the machine’s working life.

Where to see The Newsmith Group in 2020

Following UK Government guidance, we remain operational to support the worldwide food industries during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our priority at this time is to ensure the safety of everyone while minimising the disruption and impact on our customers.

We have implemented measures across the business to allow the safe and responsible continuation of our operation whilst minimising the spread of the virus.